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Latex Softee-Black   Latex Softee-Black
The Latex Softee-Black is absolute realism. It's 8.5" shaft is covered with an almost skin-feel latex that forms a pull-back foreskin at the head. Powered by a multi-speed motor and twist control at the base it doesn't get any more natural than this! Takes 2 x AA batteries.
Price: $26.00

Red Jelly-Double   Red Jelly-Double
This Red Jelly vibrator was designed for those who want to experience double the thrills. Made with a Top-Grade Rubber material that makes it totally WATERPROOF, and gives it a nicely finished texture, and the addition of the smaller second shaft for clitoral/anal stimulation, this vibrator does all the thrilling you can take! Takes 2 x AA batteries.
Price: $34.00

Silky Smooth Gold   Silky Smooth Gold
Silky Smooth "Gold" plastic vibrator may be called the 5" mini, but it's smooth lines and gold colour finish are not just for looks. A multi-speed motor is a little powerhouse of vibration for internal/external use. It's compact size is a plus if you want to take it with you! Takes 1 x AA battery.
Price: $18.00

Double-Time Stroker   Double-Time Stroker
Now you can both have fun, with the Double-Time Stroker and Vibrator. This new double vibrator allows both to be satisfied at the same time as the larger dong vibrates and the slim one strokes up and down, both being very flexible.The seperate dual-control unit allows for ease of use with nothing to get in the way of your fun! Takes 4 x C batteries.
Price: $45.00

ClearKit   ClearKit
ClearKit See-Through Sex Toys kit has it all. A powerful little vibrator, vibrating egg with its own power unit, duo orgasm balls, and two tickler rings that can be used with the vibrator OR the vibrating egg for extra clitoral stimulation and sensation. For those wanting to experience many sensations, this kit is unbelievable VALUE!. Kit takes 4 x AA batteries
Price: $42.00

Atlantis G-Spot   Atlantis G-Spot
The Atlantis G-Spot is a nicely shaped, chrome coloured multi-speed 7" vibrator coated in a soft jelly, PLUS a unique mini-penis g-spot tip for that extra sensation, AND it's waterproof! Takes 2 x AA batteries.
Price: $36.00

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